The New Contemporary Style for Hardware

What does contemporary style mean anyway? Is it the same as modern? Find out here and learn all about contemporary residential hardware!

Contemporary Style Defined

You likely have an idea in your head of what contemporary style looks like. Generally speaking, contemporary style eschews ornament and excessive detailing in favor of clean, unadorned lines. However, contemporary is not stark or sharp—it maintains subtle personality through gentle curves, softened lines, and neutral shades.

“Modern” style refers to a design movement that bloomed from the 1920s through the 1950s. Influenced by Danish and Swedish trends, American Mid-Century Modernism embraced clean lines, natural wood, earth tones, and bright, airy spaces. Modern style is static; contemporary style continues to change with the times while maintaining the foundational elements described in the above paragraph.

Contemporary Interiors

You won’t find bold statements in contemporary interiors. Natural fabrics in subtle tonal variations create the backdrop for unadorned furniture with smooth upholstery and surfaces. Plenty of curves keep the furniture and décor from looking austere while occasional color accents add character.

Contemporary Style in Hardware

Here are a few examples of how contemporary style translates via hardware.

The Concerto 24” towel bar features subtle curves, smooth yet functional (rather than ornamented) connections, and a clean, brushed finish.

The Aria single robe hook is a contemporary marvel with its simple yet elegant curve that functions as the central, “working” part of the piece.

The Coda wall mount single pull offers softened angles—note how the three parts of the handle come together in gently curved connections—and rounded mounts.

Where to Use Contemporary Style

Contemporary style remains popular due to its versatility. Contemporary style hardware can be used in transitional, modern, traditional and other designs. It works particularly well with glass-framed showers.

When a client wants clean lines without starkness, style without excess, or specifies hardware that doesn’t stand out or “make a statement,” contemporary fits the bill.

Contemporary Style Hardware Collections from Portals

At Portals Hardware, we have several contemporary style lines.

  • Aria – Aria is all about curves. Its towel bars, robe hooks, and pulls offer functional arcs that are comfortable to use and lovely to behold.
  • Coda – Coda brings angles into play. Its clean lines manage to make a strong visual impression while offering handles that are soft to the touch.
  • Concerto – One of our most populated lines, Concerto adds soft spheres to its pulls, towel bars, and knobs. Its hooks, hinges, and clamps feature curved edging that keeps the mounts from looking too blunt against the wall or door.
  • Oceana or Taiga – Habitat boasts tubular shapes in several varieties. You’ll find simple curved pulls, unadorned towel bars, and a wide range of hinges and clamps that offer pure function without ornament.

Browse our contemporary luxury residential hardware and contact Portals Hardware to learn more!

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