Selling Your Clients on Luxury Bathroom Hardware

As an interior designer, or an architect who completes a lot of family home projects, you may find yourself explaining to clients why you picked certain pieces for their home. While some design decisions tend to hold more weight than others—such as wall color or floor material—other minor elements may not be of great concern to the homeowner. However, when it comes to the design or remodel in a smaller room, like a bathroom, every detail may matter.

If your client has asked for a high-end bathroom remodel, that means elegant design elements right down to the bathroom hardware. Unfortunately, not all homeowners may see the important differences between luxury bathroom hardware and your typical run-of-the-mill pieces at the first glance of a photo. Thus, they may argue that their new luxury bathroom doesn’t need to be 100% high end. That’s when it becomes crucial to convince them why high-end bathroom hardware—even this seemingly small part of the room—is so important.

Why Luxury Bathroom Hardware Matters

When a homeowner sees a drawing or digitally made photo of their new bathroom design, it may be challenging to get the full effect of the bathroom hardware and the role it plays in pulling the room together. The next time a client asks you, “Why do I need these luxury hardware pieces?” give them reasons they’ll appreciate:


  • The quality: You can always remind them of the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” But, we’re talking about more than that here. Their beautiful new glass shower deserves to be held together by clamps and hinges that match it in design and durability. And, the cabinets they absolutely love should be completed with equally stunning knobs whose finish won’t chip off after too much use.
  • The lifespan: The idea of lifespan goes hand-in-hand with quality. The better the product, the longer it will look brand new. The finishing touches of their high-end bathroom should be guaranteed to last, ensuring they never have to worry about the tiny details again. You’ll typically find that higher quality products come with longer warranties and guarantees.
  • The unique design: Like we said above, finding the right pieces for the cabinet knobs, towel bars, shower door clamps, and more helps tie the bathroom design together. Sure, they could hang any old towel bar or hook in their bathroom, and it will get the job done. But, shouldn’t their luxury bathroom be about functionality and style? A towel bar shouldn’t just hang there, not when it can be just as decorative as the painting your client picked out for the same wall. Family and friends are sure to admire their new shower, tub, or vanity, but don’t let it stop there. Why shouldn’t their bathroom hardware be “oohed” and “awed” over, too?

It’s true that every homeowner is different: some want to approve every small part of the project, and others put the fate of the room totally in your hands. Either way, you should always be prepared to defend your choice of high-quality, beautiful bathroom hardware.

Luxury Products from Portals Hardware

Are you currently searching for luxury bathroom hardware for your latest project? We have products that your clients will love. At Portals Hardware, we design and manufacture bathroom hardware products that are as unique as the individuals and families with whom you work, and all of our pieces have a lifetime guarantee. Take a look at the inspiration gallery to see how our hardware adds the finishing touch to any bathroom design.

As a designer or architect, you can rely on Portals for your luxury bathroom hardware needs. Browse our beautiful collections online, and contact us to learn more about our top-notch products and customer service!

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