How to Rotate a Hinge Pin

How to Rotate A Hinge Pin


85 degree Hinge Pin Conversion

1. Remove inside hinge cover (2 screws)

2. Remove exterior hinge leaf assembly 90 degrees inward (toward side with removed cover)

3. Remove 4 set screws (2 in each hole) from back end of hinge plate as shown

4. Remove exterior hinge plate from hinge pivot assembly

5. Rotate hinge pin 180 degrees (while still in hinge pivot..keep washers in place) [Use wrench or pliers on flats]

6. Reassemble exterior hinge plate onto hinge pin

7. Reinstall & tighten set screws (2 per hole)

8. Rotate exterior hinge leaf assembly into normal position

9. Reassemble inside hinge cover & screws.

Hinge Pin Adjustment

Version 1015-14.1