Bohle | Portals offers the following product warranties to the original owner of the product:

  • Lifetime warranty on Shower Hardware, including finishes
  • 4-year limited warranty on Architectural Hardware
  • 12-month warranty on non-consumable products

If at any time you have a problem with the finish or function contact your local dealer or contact Bohle | Portals directly at (888) 838-6006. Once we have received your request, and we have verified the warrantied product has failed, we will provide a replacement or credit.

Warranty is limited to the performance of the product and Bohle | Portals provides no warranty implied or otherwise for the installation of the product. Bohle | Portals assumes no responsibility for the improper installation or usage of the product. Information on proper usage and installation can be found on individual product pages within Bohle | Portals reserves the right to replace or provide a credit for the original purchase price of the hardware from Bohle | Portals at its discretion.

These statements reflect the full and complete definition of warranty provided by Bohle | Portals and no employee, agent or other representative can modify or provide any additional warranty outside of these statements.